Diplomacy is a game of strategy for 7 people. The game is available from Avolon Hill or whoever owns them this week. An eighth person, the gamemaster or GM, adjudicates the moves. The International Diplomacy Guild (IDG) runs games and matches up players. If you are interested in joining, or want more information about the game, links and other information are available here.

I also belong to another club, Yahoo!DipWorld which is very active.

If you want a quick peek at some games in progress, try these.

ID-Q8 is a dip game that I ran. It's completed. A very good game.

And I had played Turkey in L5, run by another GM, before he bailed on us.

I'm running these games now: WM221

This game is completed ST14 ST21 ST22 ST42 V23 WM114

And here's some other games I've completed as GM    ID-Q10     ID-Q17

My ICQ# is 4556633. Feel free to contact me.

Currently, running a second round game in World Master 2002. Here is a link to the site, WM221.



Happy stabbing!!