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by Craig Reges, AOA Hudl Coordinator for Football Click to send email

AOA has partnered with a number of other associations to give crews access to films of their games. Regardless of which association coordinator might be requesting film on your behalf, you should follow the steps outlined below to request your film unless you are told otherwise.

The process to get films is outlined below.

Each partnered association has a coordinator in charge of helping people to get signed on to the system, requesting films from the various schools, and then distributing those films to the crews and officials.

Every coordinator needs two things:

The 'hows' of these things are below.

Only crew chiefs or their designated representatives should request films for any individual games. This will limit the number of times that we hit the school for film.

Make sure your coordinator knows:

If you want to send me your schedule on a week by week basis, that is fine but try to get it to me before your game happens so I can request the film for you. Teams sometimes respond within minutes of a request.
Don’t be shy about sending me your entire schedule. A copy of your Arbiter schedule is fine too. Let me know who the members of your crew are so I make sure they all get the film. Use this format:

Don't be afraid to request sophomore or freshman games. We can get those.
Only members of one of the participating associations can get film through this system and crew members must be members to receive film.
Your association provides this access as a no charge benefit and we have over 1,000 officials in the system.

This is what I use to track the films you request:

Excel sheet

You notice how I have used all the elements in the request form I put above.

Below is additional information for you should you be interested in how the process works.

The first part of getting your film is to request it from the school. Coordinators search for the school and level and issue the request on your behalf.

Hudl selection pane

One issue that crops up frequently is getting multiple potential hits on a school name. One reason this happens is that sometimes they are using an account that they used in a previous season. You can see that four Rich Central choices appear. You will note that the school has separate accounts by level, another reason why we need the level of game you worked.

Hudl multiple names

When your film comes back, we get a message similar to what you see below. If there is any material comment (like "Great Crew!" or "Your rating is in!"), it gets passed to the crew chief or his designate.

Hudl response from coaches

Thanks for viewing and contact me with any questions. Click to send email